About Us

echoLAB Material Testing products are developed, produced, tested and guaranteed by the Italian manufacturer DEVCO srl, to assure quality, functionality, innovation and customization. For more than 15 years, echoLAB brand has been the reliable and qualified partner in the metallurgical and physical testing laboratories field worldwide, offering expertise, know-how and best value for money. Customers around the world have trusted echoLAB brand whose aim is to deliver technologically advanced solutions, to listen to their needs and to fulfil rapidly and successfully their requirements. Next to a wide range of instruments for quality testing and material analysis, echoLAB portfolio offers also accessories, consumables, complete laboratories and tailor-made special-purpose solutions.


All echoLAB products are strictly controlled by our qualified engineers over the entire manufacturing process, in accordance with the EC quality standards. echoLAB experience includes also a global support by a network of qualified experts, dedicated aftersales service, laboratories’ applications and methods consultation, and customer training courses to assist the customer during the entire product’s life.


echoLAB products are used by universities and polytechnics, research centers, heavy-duty industries and manufacturing plants, both in Italy and abroad, in various application fields, such as Steel & Iron, Oil & Gas, Aeronautical & Aerospace, Quality Controls, Automotive, Textile sectors. Several turn-key projects for prestigious EPC and international industries have been positively implemented by Devco worldwide.