3 Settembre 2018

Furnace HF110

Furnace for electromechanical testing machines

  • Three zone split furnaces designed for models ETM 100, ETM 200, ETM 300, ETM 600.
  • Elements designed to achieve optimum performances. Heating elements individually mullite covered, three heat zones for an excellent temperature gradients control and reliable continuous operation up to maximum temperature.
  • High performance multi-crystal refractory fabrics insulation reduce heat losses and provides fast heat up rate. Sample is heated primarily through radiation.
  • Stainless steel cover. Adjustable latches keep the furnace sections locked together during tests and facilitate the furnace opening and closing.
  • Ceramic closures at top and bottom turn around the leading bars and reduce heat loss at these points.

Best Performance Application


  • 100%100%


  • 50%50%


  • 100%100%

Material Science

  • 100%100%


  • 100%100%


Temperature range
300-1100 °C
Uniform temperature zone
150 mm
Temperature gradient
300-600:2 °C
600-900:3 °C
900-1100:4 °C
Temperature fluctuation
300-600:≤±2 °C
600-900:≤±3 °C
900-1100:≤±:4 °C

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