CCS series
4 Settembre 2018

Automatic specimen feeding system

Spectroscopy abrasive grinding machine

ITM-S series impact tester for metal and other materials, fully complying to ISO 148, EN 10045, ASTM E23, GOST 9574 with impact energy ranging 150J, 300J, 450J, 600J and 750J.

  • ITM-S and ITM-MP series can be upgraded with two types of automatic specimen feeding systems, AFS100 with capacity to test 40 specimens and ASF180 with capacity to test 12 specimens.
  • Systems can be connected also with three types of automatic cooling chambers

Best Performance Application


  • 100%100%


  • 50%50%


  • 100%100%

Material Science

  • 100%100%


  • 100%100%

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